Samples of complex montage service
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Yale Airport lounge - CM1

Furniture photography be Inverse Image for Tract UK


Harvard Airport Lounge - CM2


Aerial Cafeteria - CM3 (Meta montage)



Rosetta Pearls - CM4 (Lotus Rosetta Pearls)

Photography be Inverse Image for Lotus Jewelry Rosetta Pearls

Brief requirements

Three part comp required due to problems with pearls not forming a smooth curve when placed upon uneven surface and variance in lighting requirements

Bouquet was on a different scale to the necklace and Pearl colours had to be carefully controlled

Work done in 2001

Christmas Card- CM5 (SHP Christmas Card)

Photography be Simon Harding and Inverse Image for SHP

Brief objectives

Produce a fanciful 'candy box' style non religious image for a Christmas greetings card

Picture of girl was custom shot to the brief and inset images were taken from our in house image library

Work done in 1996


Petra Table - CM6 (Tract Petra and Senate)

Photography by Inverse Image for Tract UK

Brief objectives

Shoot a product set from the companies range of contemporary office furnishings and find a suitably modernistic room setting library image and place furniture into new environment

As you can see, work was required to adapt the above fotolia library image to fit the needs of the client

Work done in 2009

*Guide prices exclude any photography and may be subject to a minimum quantity of images